Change Manager

Change Manager

Costa, a Fresh Fruit Company is on a continuous improvement journey and are seeking an experienced Change Manager.


  • Establish a Costa Change Management Methodology
  • Create and deliver a strategy plan to implement the Change Methodology Costa Wide
  • Provide support to Project Managers that are delivering change management within a project.
  • Project related work with stakeholders to understand business impacts and prepare impact assessment plan
  • Project related creation and deliver communication plan
  • Manage and deliver agreed Change Management plan within agreed time frames
  • Facilitate change management meetings with assigned working groups/representatives
  • Deliver change management implement plan and closure report for all Project related change
  • Promote a culture of high performance and continuous improvement that values learning and a commitment to quality in line with Costa’s core values
  • Engage and influence key stakeholders, including senior managers throughout the organization, to become drivers of change and promote the delivery of the change;


What you will need for this role

To be successful in this role, you will have:

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience as a Change Manager in project-based environments
  • Experience in large global changes with affect operational workflows as well as people and technology changes
  • Experience and knowledge of change manage principles, methodologies and tools
  • Demonstrated change delivery skills
  • Demonstrated stakeholder engagement skills

-  Proven ability to work across multiple areas, communicating effectively to drive quality outcomes.

-  Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;

-  Exceptional attention to detail, time management and organisational skills;

-  Fundamental analytical and conceptual thinking skills

-  Ability to influence stakeholders from different levels of the organisation and work closely with them to determine acceptable solutions, visions and goals

  • Acute business acumen and understanding of organizational issues and challenges
  • Familiarity with project management approaches, tools and phases of the project lifecycle
  • Ability to identify problems early and solve them effectively

Full time

Job no: ICAM90240

Location: Melbourne - Ravenhall

Category: Costa

Closing Date: Wednesday, 2 October 2019